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Invagination: we are enfolded by space

April 26th at SHINÉ

Invagination–not to be confused with the anatomical vagina–is a fold, or the act of folding. It is a biological process, a state of being, an embrace, and a way of relating to space and others. We originate as a simple structure that divides and complexifies, enabling us to perform more refined processes through increased surface area. The embryological development of the various tissues in the body go through a fractal process of coiling, creasing, and differentiating – producing infinite folds. In this workshop we will practice invagination and develop a feminist reimagining of space through somatic research, embodied embryology, and ensemble dance improvisation.

Ongoing CI classes

My upcoming classes are May 16th, 23rd, and 30th. Sign up here for updates on class schedule and teachers.

Embodied Palestine Solidarity

The lecture uses an anti-Zionist lens to uncover the history of the formation of Palestinian and Israeli folk dances as representations of national identity. I discuss the unequal conditions under which Palestinian and Israeli contemporary dance artists live and make their work. I also address the prevalence of cultural appropriation of Palestinian dance and how the Brand Israel program informs choreographers' funding, touring structures, and even the content of their dances. 

CI and Attunement: consent as an embodied practice

May 2nd at CI Study Hall

In this class we will practice our CI communication skills with an emphasis on identifying and going for what we want in our dances. We will cultivate curiosity about our partners, and approach consent as a playful, embodied practice. We will attune to ourselves, our partner, and the ensemble by enlivening our senses and clarifying our perceptual awareness.

METER: experiments in poetry, music & movement

May 19th at Studio 34

METER is a night of verbal, sonic, and kinetic experimentation. Local poets reading live. Musicians and dancers improvising performances in response. Crafted verse collides with spontaneous composition.

grandiosity has a twin

June 5th from 7:00-9:00pm, at Vox Populi

I'll be teaching a somatics class, topic TBD through an ongoing asynchronous esoteric-wellness conference curated by Jim Strong.

Museum Mindfulness

Cultivate your sense of presence and curiosity with a slow, guided look at works in the Duchamp Galleries.

Myofascial Release in Voice and Contact Improvisation

August 2nd-4th at WildHeart

A Body-Mind Centering® retreat with Nicole Bindler and Elissa Weinzimmer

Upcoming publications

Essays on embodied embryology and Palestinian dance will appear in these forthcoming publications:

Eassay on the crura in the 2024 issue of BMC Currents.

Embryo Book Project, co-edited by Kim Sargent-Wishart, Amy Matthews & Rebecca Haseltine

Gathering Sparks: Jewish Arts and Somatics, co-edited by Celia Weiss Bambara, Nicole Bindler, Kristen Smiarowski, and Ben Spatz to be published by punctum books.

Check out these recent interviews about my work!

Interviews about my perspectives on performance and improvisation:

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