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Intentional Reemergence: dreaming the aftertime

April 23rd-25th

at The Future of CI online conference

May 13th-18th

at Spinning a BMC℠ Web 2021 online symposium

In January 2021 I taught a workshop series in which participants dreamed, schemed, and moved together online using tools from consent practices and polyvagal theory to envision rebuilding somatics and dance spaces in ways that tangibly address the inequities laid bare by the pandemic. In this lecture I will share ideas we crowdsourced for a thINKingDANCE article from those conversations.

Somatic Aesthetics

Tuesdays in April, 12:00-1:30pm EDT through freeskewl

How can we use somatic practices to inspire our artistry? How does our embodiment inform our compositional choices and aesthetic values? In this lab-like environment, we'll discover when our embodied impulses create spatial harmony or dissonance. We'll begin with a solo embodied anatomy practice and then broaden our awareness into site-specific dance making.

Recent articles in thINKingDANCE


This is a series about dancing, making, and dreaming during the global pandemic, inspired by colleagues who are using embodied and community-based strategies to invent new ways of being alive together. 

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