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Embodying Neuroqueer/Neuroqueering Embodiment

September 23rd & 24th at Wawerskie Centrum Kultury in Warsaw, organized by Natalia Oniśk

September 30th & October 1st at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin, co-taught and organized with Jenny Döll 

Using somatic practices and readings about newer understandings of neurology and trauma such as Polyvagal Theory, we will develop methods to reclaim and celebrate our uniquely weird ways of thinking, being, and making. Nick Walker, one of the people who coined the term Neuroqueer says, "Neuroqueer is both an identity and an ethos" and "a verb first and an adjective second." Walker describes it as "Engaging in the 'queering' of one’s own neurocognitive processes... Engaging in practices intended to 'undo' one’s cultural conditioning toward conformity and compliance with dominant norms." In this workshop we will create a space where we can come out about how we think and learn, and unwind some of the cognitive and bodily holding we enact on ourselves in order to make sense of/in this world. There will be equal parts learning about the brain, discussing the politics of neurodiversity, moving our bodies, and resting.

Upcoming chapter contributions

Essays on embodied embryology, neuroqueering embodiment, and Palestinian dance will appear in these forthcoming books:

Embryo Book Project, co-edited by Kim Sargent-Wishart, Amy Matthews & Rebecca Haseltine


Neuroqueer Theory Handbook, edited by Nick Walker

Gathering Sparks: Jewish Arts and Somatics, co-edited by Celia Weiss Bambara, Nicole Bindler, Kristen Smiarowski, and Ben Spatz

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