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Europe teaching

November 1st-20th, 2022

Residency and guest teaching with Sarah Gottlieb on fascia and scar tissue at the University of Roehampton London.

Workshop on Embodying Neuroqueerness / Neuroqueering Embodiment at the Sandberg Instituut’s temporary programme, Ecologies of Transformation in Amsterdam.


Contact improvisation and consent training in the dance community in Leipzig.


Residency and workshop, Collectivity / Invagination co-taught with Camille Barton, and organized by Kata Kovács at Ponderosa.

Contact Improvisation classes

Thursdays, December 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 7-9pm at Cardell Dance Studio in Philly.

These classes will focus on connective tissue! We'll play with proprioception, stability/mobility, contouring, continuous rolling point, and work through scar tissue within the fascia. Richard Kim will guest teach on December 15th.

Save the dates!

Nuria Bowart teaches in Philly! Details TBA