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[CANCELLED] Contact Improvisation classes in Philadelphia

March 22nd, 29th & April 12th, 1-3pm at Headlong Studios

Topics TBA

[CANCELLED] Investigating the Spaciousness, Vitality, and Stigma of Fat

with Rachel Winsberg and Nicole Bindler

March 28th, 11:00am-2:00pm at The Whole Shebang, Philadelphia PA

In this workshop/discussion we will explore fatness as an identity and fat tissue as a part of our connective tissue matrix. How does our fat tissue serve us? What would a world that makes space for fatness feel/look like? How and why have we been denied that? 

[CANCELLED] Matching Tone/Matching Power

April 4th-6th, Toronto, Ontario

Matching Tone/Matching Power: When we look at the idea of tone through an embodied lens, we find a wealth of knowledge and material to use in our CI practice toward more dynamic, juicy, relational dances. When we look at these principles through a social lens, we find opportunities to look at power dynamics, and any biases we might have toward certain kinds of tone. 

[ONLINE] Consent Culture and Contact Improvisation Symposium

April 18th/19th, 12-5pm, ONLINE

A forum for CI teachers and committed practitioners to cross pollinate ideas and strategies toward safer CI spaces.

[CANCELLED] Contact Meets Contemporary

August 2nd-8th, Goettingen, Germany

Contemporary dance workshop

Diaphragms: horizontality into spirals

[CANCELLED] Contact Improvisation, Consent & Inclusion

August 9th-13th, 2020, Leipzig, Germany, coordinated by Jörg Gönner

Classes in contact improvisation, consent & inclusion.

[CANCELLED] Embodying Neuroqueer/Neuroqueering Embodiment

August 14th-16th, Warsaw, Poland, coordinated by Natalia Onisk

In this workshop we will create a space in which we can come out about how we think and learn, and unwind some of the cognitive and bodily holding we enact on ourselves in order to make sense of/in this world.

[CANCELLED] Clitoral Embodiment workshop

August 18th-21st, Hamburg, Germany, coordinated by Alexander Hahne

This Body-Mind Centering® workshop covers the embryology of the genitalia from a non-binary perspective; equal parts academic and experiential learning.


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