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Nicole intimately knows human movement from the inside out. Her skillful, caring application of that knowledge has not only helped me to reduce longstanding, nagging pains so I can help my clients more effectively, but has deeply increased my appreciation for my own body.

Jessica Newman, Movement Educator, Certified FELDENKRAIS practitioner


I have been seeing Nicole every 2 to 3 weeks for years now because it is my way to give back to my body and thank it for allowing me to do what I love. I normally dance 30 to 40 hours a week which means I put my body through a lot of strain and i truly push it to/ past its limits. Nicole realigns and centers my body which allows me to always work at 100%. Every secession with her has a different focus because my body's needs change from week to week. If I was not seeing Nicole as regularly as I do then I would not be able to work/dance at such an efficient level.

Laura Giacomelli, Dancer, Choreographer, and Teacher


My time with Nicole felt connected and meaningful, and of course relaxing and delicious! She had some useful interesting insights to share, and created an opportunity for me to really drop in to my body.

Zoe Cohen, Visual Artist


Nicole works with great clarity and her applicable knowledge allows me to be active in receiving and maintaining the work. When receiving work from Nicole I never feel that something is trying to be proven or sold to me. I have recommended her to many of my coworkers and friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Shannon Murphy, Dancer, Educator


It all started when a friend I mine noticing I wasn't walking correctly, and boom! He suggested Nicole Bindler. She has been my saving grace for a year now. Nicole has not only healed my body but she redirected it on the path to a new living. An awareness that the body does not have to be in pain to prove your a dancer! But the body should be taken care of and strengthened because we are dancers. I'm a very powerful mover and ever since I've been going to Nicole, my power is coming back!! It's a rebirth into the joy of what I do! DANCE!! Without pain but peace and Nicole knows how to bring you peace and help you maintain it, and that peace becomes joy! The joy of living without pain! I'm very blessed she came into my life and honored to know she truly cares about my physical wellness. Thank you for showing me peace!

Samuel Reyes, Dancer, Educator


Nicole's therapeutic touch, brought me to a sense of timeless peace. Though only minutes passed, hours of rest were absorbed into my body. Her beautiful blend of perfect pacing, nurturing touch, and her strong and knowing hands brought about changes to my body and soul that had me standing tall, balanced and at peace. Afterward I observed that I was walking with more grace, and that my joints moved more fluidly. This feeling of well-being that Nicole instilled lasted for the remainder of my business trip. I heartily recommend Nicole Bindler as a Massage Therapist.

Tim Herbert, American Massage Therapy Association Board of Trustees Member and National Sales Manager for Custom Craftworks Massage Tables

Nicole's style and combination of techniques made for a relaxing massage experience while providing the utmost care and attention to the areas of my body that held the most tension. She listened to my concerns and addressed them in a kind and professional way. A truly masterful massage.

Judith Hochstetter, Licensed Massage Therapist 

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