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"This was one of my favorite courses taken at Penn so far. Nicole made each class exciting and fun while also challenging our notions of dance, the body, and performance. I came out of every class feeling relaxed yet energized for life. This class brought a sense of community within its members and there were moments of pure human connectivity which I had never experienced before. I think everyone at Penn should take this class, whether it be to better understand their body, de-­stress, or call into question socialized norms around the body and human interaction. This class changed the way I see the world, my body, and others.

Student, University of Pennsylvania

"Nicole was a sheer joy to have as an instructor! She embodies the spirit of yoga with her meditative tone and focus on body awareness. She brought together a group of strangers and created a peaceful and rejuvenating space for all of us to open ourselves up to. My favorite aspect of her class was learning about human anatomy alongside yoga methods which gave me a whole new perspective on yoga and the human body."

Student, Temple University 

"Nicole was really nurturing and provided a really great safe space for exploration. She pushed us to step out of our comfort zones and to follow our instincts and impulses. Nicole was an inspiring teacher."

Student, University of the Arts

"Nicole Bindler has seriously revolutionized my relationship with my knees, my plié, and thus pretty much my entire upright dancing self."

Annie Wilson, Dancer, Yoga teacher 

"I met Nicole attending my first yoga class. Her dedication of learning shines through in all her ways of teaching. She has a beautiful intuitiveness of reading people and applying just the right needs for them. Her body moves as gently as she speaks, her teachings both spoken and silent remain with me all throughout the day. Her expansive knowledge and experience of the body teaches us about its movements, and all its interconnectedness with ourselves and the world, and allows us the opportunity to apply these practices in various ways. Her efforts in learning and sharing have allowed me to apply greater consciousness and intention in all my actions.  It is truly a pleasure and a gift to take a class with such a talented and enthusiastic mentor."

Blaine Pirareo, Contractor

"Nicole seemed to see into our bodies and know what we needed to improve on. Her acute body awareness helped her to understand our weaknesses and push us to explore and strengthen them. Our entire group feels that we benefited greatly from her gentle and directed instruction. Zaitoun recommends her as a talented, patient, and conscientious dance instructor."

Bonnie Toland, Founding Member of Zaitoun Dance Troupe


"In 2005 I worked with Nicole Bindler in a dance improvisation workshop at Fundación El Ciclope, Córdoba. The workshop consisted in two days of intense work, which gave me important information for further investigation into my dance practice. I strongly recommend Nicole as a resident artist because she is a person who never stops searching and looking for new ways of moving, and most of all, she is a generous artist. I think it's very rare to find a teacher who can share her knowledge, and is also open minded and willing to learn from others."

Griselda de Elejalde, Dance-Theater Artist, member of KAO performatic theater, Cordoba, Argentina

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