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Evening length work created in collaboration with Diyar Dance Theater


WOMEN, choreographed by Nicole Bindler in collaboration with three dancers from Diyar Dance Theater, is a hybrid dabke/contemporary dance that explores the parallels between the conquest of Palestinian land and Palestinian women's bodies. The dancers create a map of Palestine with stones on the stage and on the geography of their bodies. They perform quotidian tasks, such as braiding hair to the sounds of war outside their window. They dance to the music and the sounds of the streets in their hometown, Bethlehem. This piece is an ode to the women of Palestine told by three women who grieve the loss of their land and the sea they cannot visit. This piece is also a celebration of their vitality, resiliency and intelligence that resides not just in their minds, but in their skin, muscles and bones. Here is a piece of writing about the project for thINKingDANCE.


Diyar Dance Theatre was created by a group of talented, enthusiastic and committed artists, both male and female, of differing ages and backgrounds. Diyar brings to life Palestine’s rich history and culture through dance, movement and theatre. These practices are important outlets for creative cultural resistance against oppression. Diyar is a place where young adults can celebrate their Palestinian heritage through traditional folk dance, contemporary dance, movement and theatre in a space where creativity, imagination and freedom of expression are celebrated as critical components of cultural and social development. 


Diyar's mission is to strengthen communities by rebuilding the individual’s intrinsic sense of dignity, self-worth and self-expression. This is achieved by using dance as a creative outlet and positive tension release. More than that, dance is the key which opens the door for discussion and growth in the shared values of diversity, inclusion and gender equality.

The company, pictured right in descending order. Performers, Dima Awad, Ghadeer Odeh, Christy Daboub & Director, Rami Khader. (Original cast included Hala Abusaada).


Dates and details about our engagements in Philly, NYC, Baltimore, Hartford, and Chicago here:

Press about the tour can be found here and here.

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