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Contact Improvisation classes

Thursdays from 7-9pm on the following dates: February 9th & 23rd, March 9th & 16th, April 6th & 13th at Cardell Dance Studio in Philly.

These classes will focus on finding our own voices, identifying what kind of dancing brings us joy, and broadening our edges to include movement qualities and partnering interactions that we haven't tried before.

Technique class

March 18th from 1:00-2:30pm, location TBA.

This class will focus on the diaphragms, which are horizontal structures in the body that carry our contents and enable subtle, internal movements, unlike the longitudinal muscles that boldly carry our limbs and trunk through space. When we initiate big body movement with the internal diaphragms we can find more three-dimensionality, delicacy, and ease in and out of the floor.

Nuria Bowart Workshop

Her workshop will support the building of awareness around the process between dilation and contraction; the opening and closing of membranes and perception as it relates to Contact Improvisation. We will work in partners and groups to build our proprioception, and the recognition of our own membrane management. We will look at everything from weight, to our own awareness, and cultivate practice in “choosing” how to, and what to, open and close. This workshop will bring the content of the Axis Syllabus into the world of Contact Improvisation, with the intention of helping to build functional and fun options for dancing together.

Save the date!

June 3rd & 4th

CI workshop with Taja Will at The Whole Shebang.

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